Profi Comfort System (chemical chromium plating system)

Our professional comfort system is not only the further development of the predecessor system Profi Basic Chrome System, but is here the luxury version of all chrome plating systems we have to offer.

Like its predecessor, it is still mobile and ideally suited for use in commercial and technical areas. Especially painters, restorers or finishers will be delighted by this chemical chromium plating system. As with its predecessor, the Profi Basic Chrome system requires a compressor and an oil separator.

But what have we improved?

The Profi Comfort System has an integrated cleaning system to enable faster working.

The Profi Comfort System offers higher regulation possibilities, which offers finer and more precise working possibilities.

The Venturi-System has been integrated into the professional comfort system. During the spray process, a dynamic pressure is created in the Venturi nozzle, which means maximum backpressure and minimum static pressure, the resulting fine spray mist allows a fabulous spraying result.


The Professional Comfort System is a professional system of chemical metallization, which offers the possibility to achieve 100 % coverage on almost all surfaces.

No sizes Restrictions of objects in chemical metallization:

In contrast to the galvanic plating process, during the process of metallization, the size of the object is limited by a basin or the size of the vacuum chamber, the size of the object is not limited.

Possibility of selecting the desired shading:

When you add a protective varnish or a pigment toner, you get any desired shading as well as aluminum, gold, copper, bronze and other metal and alloy effects.

Environmentally friendly cover:

In contrast to the chrome plating, no heavy metals and carcinogens are used in the process of chemical metallization. Also, the process of chemical metallization is environmentally friendly.

Safety and wear resistance of the professional comfort system

The protective lacquer layer is almost as safe and wear-resistant as the cover applied by the manufacturer.

€ 6.620,00 plus shipping
(other prices for retailers)


Profi Basic Chrome SystemChemicals (for more or less 25 – 30 qm)
1 PieceAIR REG.PRE-ACTIVATOR’S GUN1 LitreBase coat
1 PieceAIR REG. ACTIVATOR’S GUN1 LitreTop coat
1 PieceAIR REG. ACTIVATOR’S TANK1 LitreUniversal Thinner
1 PieceAIR REG.AIR’S ГУН1 LitreSilver-Component A
1 PieceAIR REG. WATER’S GUN1 LitreSilver-Component B
4 PieceAIR REG. 4 20 Litre WATER’S ТАNК400 mlSilver-Component addition
1 PieceAIR REG. ANTIOXY GUN700 mlHardener for primery coat
1 LitreThinner for primery coat
system firmly mounted on a carriage, wheels are noticeable50 mlColour pigments by wish

What one still needs: 6 bars 30 litres of minimum compressor with oil and water separator and enough 0. 0001 micro Siemens conductivity distilled water