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Chrome Spray systems for the metallization of surfaces

Welcome to verchromen 24.com

We offer professional solutions for metallization (mirroring technique, as an alternative to chrome plating) of surfaces. Our products are Made in Germany.

A metallization or spray chromium plating can have many advantages. For example, to reduce weight in vehicle manufacturing to optical mirror effects on materials such as plastic, metal, wood, glass and foam Styrodur

Our systems offer optimum durability of chrome plating, in contrast to commercially available chromium spray cans.

Our chrome-plating and metallization system provides the perfect cover of surfaces. Qualitative spray systems, built-in systems, filters for air purification, water quality measuring devices, the use of pneumatic and other technological methods to make the facilities very comfortable and productive in the application. Our chrome-plating systems can work process carried out quickly and provides an exclusive quality of finished products. The pricing policy of the company allows it, our chrome-plating to make systems for most consumers inexpensive.

Chemical chroming used one, so material is corrosion resistant and durable, it also increases the value of the decorative surface. The chrome has a beautiful shine, by color pigments and reflection of light created colorful light effects. Gilding and chemical metallization are in high demand in the decor, which is why the business of chrome or gold plating is a worthwhile investment!

Verchromungs systems make it possible to create exclusive products and can be used in various fields. The mirror coating on the rim and the body is used so that the vehicle gets a more elegant appearance. People like chrome elements in landscaping, exterior materials of advertising, display cabinets, ships and cars.
Even in the interior design is the chrome plating, often, often used in conjunction with color because it brings a certain something!

Chromium is also used for industrial purposes, so that the durability of the parts is increased, cutting tools and wear parts are robust durable. Our chemical chromium systems meet the highest technical requirements. Our materials for Chromium derive 100% electricity and chrome parts such as may subsequently be galvanically plated.

Many chromium systems use hydrazine, a known cancer-causing agent.
Our system contains NO HYDRAZINE


Our Services

  • Toll Coating
  • Sales of equipment
  • Sales of CSV chemicals
  • Wide range of color essences
  • high quality surface finish


Our Products


The CSV-metallisation, a proven for over 40 years refining processes, we achieve a high-quality chrome finish.

CSV Technology When "Chemical Spritzmetallisieren" (CSV) technology is in contrast to the classic spray painting to a "reductive metal excretion". One speaks in this context of a reflective coating. First, the surface treatment and primer coat to be metallized surface is carried out. There is then produced a thin layer of silver on the surface of the base painted molded parts. The silver layer is protected by a final varnish.

These metallization surfaces obtain a shiny appearance, which can be varied in color.

There are many areas of use such as:


  • Prototypes in industrial research and development
  • Modeling and prototyping
  • Exhibition construction Presentation and Exhibits
  • Artworks
  • Furniture / interior equipment range
  • Shipbuilding


Scope of application

  • The entire surface or only in certain areas of a workpiece
  • Special setting infinitely possible in color and gloss level
  • Various surface structures can be displayed

Even the training of your staff, we conduct.